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    Windows 10 Tecnical Review

    G Scott Habermaas

      I was just curious is Intel was going to start a section for the Windows 10 TR similar to what NVidia has done? IT could be invaluable to those of us trying out the TR and for engineers at Intel to see what we are up against.


      For instance the community might be interested to know that the latest Intel driver doesn't allow Optimus to function on laptops with Intel 4600 and NVidia 7xx cards but this will function if you use the Intel drivers from May of this year. Credit someone in China for figuring this out, but a lot of peeps don't have time to check boards all over the world.


      This is the NVidia thread if you care to follow:




      Microsoft also has a section for the TP as well as you would expect and I wondered if Intel would be joining them.