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    Display Scaling problems in Intel HD Graphics Control Panel




      Recently, I've bought a new ASUS TP500L Laptop, which comes with Intel(R) HD Graphics Family. It is running Windows 8.1 64-bit.


      I found that in all videogames including Team Fortress 2 and Need For Speed Undercover, as long as the in-game resolution is not set to 1366*768, there are black borders around the edge of the screen.


      I've attempted to solve this problem by right clicking on desktop, to bring me to Intel(R) HD Graphics Control Panel. but under Scaling in Display Options, I do not have any other choice other than "Maintain Display Scaling", which cannot be un-checked, as shown in the screenshot below.



      Is there anyway I can stretch my display to fullscreen when using non native resolutions?



      Here is an attached DxDiag.txt from my laptop.