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    Edison + arduino board with galileo-io (Blink LED doesn't work)


      Hi everyone!


      I'm actually trying to control the digital pins of my arduino extension board (+ Edison board) with the galileo-io library.

      It is written in the README of galileo-io that it is working for Edison boards.


      However I can't make it works.


      I'm trying to make a LED blink on digital pin 8 thanks to this code:


      var Galileo = require("galileo-io");
      var board = new Galileo();
      board.on("ready", function() {
        var byte = 0;
        this.pinMode(8, this.MODES.OUTPUT);
        setInterval(function() {
          board.digitalWrite(8, (byte ^= 1));
        }, 500);


      I've also downloaded the last version of galileo-io and put it in the node_modules folder.


      So basically the LED doesn't light up at all.


      Does anybody can help me?


      Thank you in advance