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      I'm posting this on here because I've lowered the brightness using the Intel Graphics control panel but I was wondering if there is something where I can dim the screen even further. 
      Here is my situation: 
      I have the Surface Pro 2 connected to a monitor in "extend mode".   
      Dimming the screen (using Windows 8 settings) on the tablet does NOT affect the monitor.  
      I've looked and looked and every screen dimmer I've run into only works in desktop mode.  
      Out of all the people on planet Earth, has ONE PERSON made a dimmer that works in Metro Mode?   
      Or  is this the Unicorn of Windows 8 apps?   
      And yes, I've set my monitor and the Intel graphics control panel to the lowest brightness settings but that makes the blacks too dark and its still not dark enough.   
      I want something like the many screen dimmers you find on Android where you can go beyond zero brightness setting.