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    HELP with Intel HD 4600 scaling options




      I recently bought a new notebook with a Intel HD 4600 IGP. Now, since an IGP isn't the fastest GPU out there I usually have to reduce the resolution to achieve a higher/playable frame rates.


      But when I set a game (for example CoD: Black Ops II or Alien Isolation) to a lower resolution than my desktop, I get a centered screen with black bars all around. Now, that's usually not a problem, as every decent graphics driver has scaling options where you can choose what the GPU does when you use a program/game with a smaller resolution.


      Those options usually are: maintaining display ratio, stretch to fullscreen and center. But those options aren't available in the Intel HD 4600 control panel. Only if I lower the native desktop resolution lower than the the max. 1600x900, I get different scaling options.


      But I want my (desktop) resolution set to 1600x900 and the games being stretched to fit fullscreen. When I google this problem, many topics like this pop up, sometimes as old as one year. But nothing happens! When are you going to fix this problem? This is a very basic and very important feature, especially on an IGP like the HD 4600. Let me choose what scaling options to use, even at my native resolution.


      Is there any ETA on when this is going to be fixed? It really ruins my experience with Intel, on my old laptop with an AMD IGP it functioned with out problems.