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    Intel HD graphics driver issue (shadow issue)



      The game is Star Trek Legacy. the problem is, the ship is secluded, and looking at the weapon's sprite, it doesn't blend properly (there's still black area). I found the issue while testing the game on my new Acer Aspire Switch 10--hoping that I could do some non-demanding game in bus or train.


      I tested the game--with just only Intel HD graphics only on my Lenovo Ideapad Y410p, and the same issue appeared. Driver version for Lenovo Ideapad Y410p and my Acer Aspire Swift 10, version and, respectively. Intel HD 4600 and HD Graphics--again respectively.


      I believe it's a driver issue, thus, I tested it on my desktop. I use the Intel HD graphics as my primary graphics instead of my discreet graphics. My desktop has the Intel HD 2500 graphics, with the driver version of The issue appeared.


      Fortunately, I still have my driver disk for my desktop PC, and I removed the existing driver and install the old one. The old driver version is version I once again fire up the same game and the results:ivybridge_8.jpg


      I played it for a while, but I didn't notice anything strange like the version 10 mentioned above. I ruled out the difference in OS, since clearly, it affects both Windows 8.1 and 7. I have attached the DxDiag report (version 10.x only). The driver version can be obtained from the Device Manager> Display Adapter > Intel HD graphics > Right click > Properties > Driver.


      I hope that this issue can be fixed, soon.