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    q9550 runs HOT!?


      Bought a q9550 off of newegg recently. Also bought a freezer 7 pro. The problem is simple really, it runs way too hot. Right now under no stress and with just firefox running my core temps are 73, 75, 75 and 73 C according to coretemp and pcwizard. Despite this my computer functions completely fine even when i midly stress it up to the 80s and sometimes into the 90s of degrees C. I installed the hsf correctly and it makes good contact; however, it doesnt get warm. Yes i remembered to use thermal paste and yes the voltages are in the acceptable range. Im starting to think that the cpus sensors must be broken. I dont see any other reason why it would report temps this high. Any other ideas why it is or should i just return the chip and hope to get a new one that doesnt post scarily high temps?

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          Where are you reading the temperature from? what does it say in the BIOS?

          It is possible that the sensors are faulty i suppose, but i would think it is more likely that the board is misreading the temperatures or that they are actually those temperatures. What happens if you stress the CPU? does it start throttling or shut down?