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    Simple Edison Breakout board


      I've made a very simple breakoutboard for the Edison. It just connects the 70 pins on the Edison to a standard 2.54mm header strips and has a small Dev area. Nothing flash easy to make and open source.


      I've put the board on my shop so that if you want some PCB's then I can make a few more.


      please check out http://goo.gl/A9zwBN for the project details and source files plus a link to pre ordering some PCB's Let me know what you think.



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          This is a little confusing, on your pre-order page, it says;


          Expedite, Socket/Pins, Solder, Then include bottom connector, and solder connector top/bottom/both.


          I get what the first two options are, the 3rd is a bit confusing, the last two, I have no idea what it is talking about. The connector to the edison? Are you selling this with mounting pins? Just curious

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            This is a kit. And to get it to you as fast as possible and as cheaply as possible I don't solder any of the connectors.


            So if you want me to solder on the 70pin connector that goes between the board and the edison (Or I call it the top connector) select Soldered Top.

            If you also want me to include the bottom connector (The connector to plug or daisy chain this into other boards) select the Include Bottom Connector (Saves you having to buy from Digi Key).

            If you then want me to solder that connector onto the bottom then select Soldered Bottom.

            If you want both sides soldered then select BOTH.


            I will be putting up a step by step guide (and a you tube video) on how to hand solder the connectors, if you just want the kit and do it yourself. It's quite easy, just a little fiddly.


            Just for Clarification,

            The Expedite, is so I can order the boards locally and have a 2-4day turn around, vs the normal route which would come from my usual Manufacturer which have a 2-3week turn around.

            The Socket or Pins option is if you want me to include a socket or a set of pins in the kit so again you don't have to order it seperately.

            The Solder Pins/Skt is if you want me to solder the pins on for you. And the you have to decide if you want the pins sticky out the same side as the edison (IE TOP) or the opposite side (IE Bottom). I would envisage that most people will want the pins to be on the bottom so that they can plug into a bread board as show, Or have the sockets on the top so that they can shove wires into it to rat nest it.


            I'll try and clear up the shop description to add all this.