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    Acer Aspire M-583P, Intel Wireless-N 7260. No bluetooth at all after Windows 8.1 Pro install.


      Hey everyone,


      I'm having a huge problem. I have no bluetooth. I had it prior to Windows 8.1 Pro and an SSD installation, and I absolutely cannot fix it no matter what I try. To date, I've tried:


      • Reinstalling drivers - Both from Intel AND Acer
      • Updating drivers
      • Downgrading drivers
      • Uninstalling and reinstalling Wifi connectivity software
      • Installing Windows updates
      • Contacting Acer Support ("Sorry, that driver isn't yet supported for 8.1")


      I can't even guess at my compatibility on a per-device basis, because there is absolutely nothing to speak of as far as bluetooth on my laptop now.


      It fails even to recognize the bluetooth part of the 7260 in Device manager.


      What information can I provide exactly that will help you to help me solve the issue?


      Thanks so much, everyone.