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    Connect Ethernet with Edison


      Good day,


      I have two questions regarding the Intel Edison:


      1.) Ethernet-Pins in a future version of the Edison

      I guess that I am not the only one who is interested in getting my Edison(s) connected via Ethernet. E.g. look here: Re: USB Ethernet works! But no IP address via DHCP.

      So are there any plans to e.g. have appropriate pins that can easily connected to a RJ45 Port? Ethernet is still important and many people/customers are interested in devices which can be connected via ethernet.


      2.) How to connect a ethernet port to the current Edison version

      As posted above (Re: USB Ethernet works! But no IP address via DHCP) another user already connected his/her Edison to ethernet by using such a USB to Ethernet-converter:


      However, I do not want to use such a converter but to develop an appropriate hardware layout. E.g. the Beaglebone Black uses a RJ45 port followed by a LAN8710a transceiver (http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/8710a.pdf ). Therefore I need some help where to start.


      Maybe somebody from intel could provide ideas which transceiver is suitable and which of the 70 pins must be connected?


      Thanks a lot!

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          Have no clue how to hook a LAN8710a to the Edison (but others might)


          However, I do know that you can get ethernet working by leveraging the communication buses that Edison support (in the case USB or SPI);


          USB ethernet does not mean a 'dongle' you can build usb ethernet right into your board. There are even products such as http://datasheet.octopart.com/LAN9514-JZX-Microchip-datasheet-13043644.pdf that provide a 4 port usb hub and usb ethernet in a 64-QFN Package (so you don't have to sacrifice other USB peripherals).  


          Additionally, you should be able to get ENC28J60 SPI Ethernet working over the SPI bus with out much trouble (ENC28J60 is 10 Base-T only).

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            Hello intel_dan,


            thank you for your help!


            Your first proposal makes a good impression to me. I also figured out that a driver for linux is provided by the manufacturer. Therefore I think an integration of that microchip might be possible without too much trouble.


            Nevertheless concerning your second proposal I saw that there is a chip providing 10/100 Base T ethernet. Have a look: ENC624J600 - Ethernet Controllers

            The main advantages of this chip are:


            1. Price is around 3$ (cheaper than the LAN9514)
            2. MAC address is already included, therefore no additional EEPROM is needed (the LAN9514 needs an additional EEPROM)
            3. Can be connected via SPI


            However, I am not sure how yocto (or any other linux version) could be "forced to work" with that chip. For the LAN9514 one would simply install the available linux driver and that's it. Maybe you at Intel have already made experiences concerning layout for a SPI connection to the Edison and how to install such a driver that you might share?


            btw: The Intel Edison is a really nice piece of hardware

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              The linux kernel has drivers for ENC28J60 (a quick search suggests that ENC624J600 may be compatible with the  ENC28J60). I have never tried to hook a ENC28J60 to the Edison. There are numerous example throughout the internet of how to connect the ENC28J60 to embedded linux devices (do a google search for 'ENC28J60 linux').


              I plan to order a ENC28J60 from ebay to try with Edison, I will let you know my findings (probably a couple of weeks).

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                Hello intel_dan,


                you are right. I find several topics with respect to the ENC28J60 and there seems to be a driver for Linux (which is currently not the case for the ENC624J600). Nevertheless after reading many threads I think it might be easier for the moment to stick with the LAN9512 since several steps are required to get the ENC28J60 running.


                However, I am still highly interested in your results (even though you wrote that you might need a couple of weeks). In fact, I think many Edison users might be interested in a tutorial to get the ENC28J60 working.

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                  Just following up: did it work?

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                    Did you ever get it working. I have also  been trying to accomplish this. I have been able to get the en28j60 with the raspberry pi without to much trouble. The kernel board files for Edison are a little different. With the raspi i could modify the the board c file like below:


                    static struct spi_board_info bcm2708_spi_devices[] = {


                                    .modalias = "enc28j60",

                                    .max_speed_hz = 12000000,

                                    .bus_num = 0,

                                    .chip_select = 0,

                                    .mode = SPI_MODE_0,

                            }, {

                                    .modalias = "spidev",

                                    .max_speed_hz = 500000,

                                    .bus_num = 0,

                                    .chip_select = 1,

                                    .mode = SPI_MODE_0,




                    The Edison doesn't seem to have a corresponding file. or i just do not know where to look. Any help would be great 

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                      I am not using the en28j60  but the LAN9512. But currently I can not report anything because I have the hardware but I am currently working on the GPIOs... I will report if I have any news

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                        I am also looking for a way to connect the Edison to LAN. How would the ENC624J600 connect to Edison? By using the SPI interface? What would the maximum transfer rate be in this case? I am looking for a solution that would at least match the WLAN speed on the Edison. Any help would be highly appreciated.

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                          Hello Everyone,


                          I would like to confirm the Lan9514 is the way to go when needing wired Ethernet for the Edison. I have made custom expansion board that works great. The board is mostly for web applications such as making routers/gateways. It does not have many gpio broken out, just 6 that go through a level sifter to 3.3V, mostly used for Leds. I have a couple of extra and am thinking about doing another run in the near future with more gpio. Also if there is enough interest, I am thinking about making a board that is case compatible with the Rap PI 2 B+


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                            I also need ethernet to my Edison and was wondering if you would be willing to share with us what you did or your schematic?

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                              Hello Everyone,


                              I also built a board that uses a Lan9512 to establish an Ethernet-Connection. The Hardware is working (tried with RPi), for those who need some hardware information look at the chip documentation:

                              LAN9512 - USB to Ethernet

                              Just use the Reference Design

                              My Question is about the driver you have used, did you build it yourself? Can you post some information about it?

                              I already read the thread How to get the Lan95xx (Lan9512) running with the Intel Edison, but I still can't use the Ethernet port on my Edison ...

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                                You need to add the driver into you yocto build for the kernel. Here is a good tutorial on how to:


                                Creating a Custom Linux Kernel for the Edison | Shawn Hymel


                                You will need to look for something like 95xx to add. You should be able to use the search command of menu config ( i.e. press / ). and search for its location. 

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                                  Hi Bsquared73,

                                  great job! There are many SMD components, did you able to do the weldings by yourself or do you use a service? I wander how much does it cost (for a little production) to produce a custom board like this.


                                  @All interested to connect an ethernet to the Edison I suggest to look at this thread: Help to setup an Ethernet connection. Once you have the dirver working you need to do some configuration to enable the ethernet interface. BTW I used an USB Ethernet dongle that use an AX88772 chip. In this case the kernel driver is already loaded in the standard Edison image.

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                                    The board you saw was hand populated and soldered. I made the boards from dirtypcbs. They gave me 13 boards for about $100. Then all the components are about $40. After we made sure everything worked, a board house made us them for about $100 total. This was for a small batch of 12 boards.

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