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    Like Vista, Win7 Aero and Mobile4 latest drivers causing image corruption


      MWSnap004 2009-08-10, 08_39_21.jpgMWSnap005 2009-08-09, 10_00_55.jpgMWSnap005 2009-08-10, 08_39_43.jpgMWSnap006 2009-08-10, 12_00_48.jpgThis issue occurs with high frequency with Windows 7. The issue was seen with Vista infrequently. Both versions of the OS were Ultimate.


      Win7 Aero Themes show corrupted desktop background, window border buttons and even content inside the window. See attached images for examples.


      OS: Win7 Ultimate RTM

      Graphics Driver (on-board graphics solution):

      Product DetectedMobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family
      Current Driver Installed8.15.10.1855

      Machine: HP 2730p (Tablet PC)


      I know that this driver is beta for Win7. The issue is that the same problem happened when this machine was running Vista Ultimate with WHQL certified drivers from Intel. With this version of the driver, the problem take less than a minute to occur vs. it took a few days before it happened with Vista ultimate.


      Hovering over buttons or menu option corrects a portion of the image - seems like whatever refreshed like a button or menu or even the contect inside the window.


      This is a major bug because it makes using the computer a total nuisance.

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