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    Accessing ADC samples on Intel Galileo


      The Galileo Gen2 seems to have the on board ADC output feeding to on board Quark's SPI interface. How can I access this data? The on board ADC is capable of sampling 1 million samples per second implying at least 1Mhz * 12-bit resolution = 12MHz update rate on the SPI rate. I would like to access this 12-bit value in the program (and not through some GPIO which have much less bandwidth). Note that I do not want to use analogRead since successive read are extremely slow. How do I go about it? The SPI reference on http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/SPI seems to not really talk anything about Galileo specific. I would guess I have to use the SPI library to access this 12 bit ADC data in the program but I am not sure how exactly that can be done.