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    Why do I even need Intel's IRST?


      I'm putting a non-bootable 2-drive raid on my Win7Pro 64bit system.  If I make a raid with IRST in DOS, that seems to work, but windows will not recognize it, won't format it and won't assign a drive letter to it so it is useless.


      On the other hand if I make the raid from scratch, in Win Disk Management, I can format it and assign a drive letter and it seems to work great.  Why do I even have the Intel RST? If it won't work with Win7--then it's worthless.


      It seems like the first 2-drive raid I had did work with both IRST and Windows but I couldn't make them work together this time. Do I have a ticking bomb here?  I asked here and at ASUS but the only answers I got were links to irrelevant scenarios that didn't address my problem.