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    SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION on boot with second displayport monitor




      I am using a Dell E7440 with a PR02X port replicator and two Dell P2214H monitors connected through displayport.  The laptop has an Intel Core i7-4600u processor with embedded 4400 graphics.


      Windows crashes during boot when both (two) displayport cables are connected. If only one cable is connected or if the laptop screen is enabled (disabling one of the monitors) then Windows boots fine.  Additionally, if I connect the second displayport cable once Windows has booted then everything is also fine and the second monitor is picked up as expected. It specifically seems to be a problem during the Windows startup sequence.


      Things I have tried include:

      1. Updating Intel graphics drivers to latest version on Dell website (issue still occurs)
      2. Force updating Intel graphics drivers to latest version on Intel website (issue still occurs)
      3. Removing Intel graphics driver completely (issue does NOT occur but back to VGA resolution)
      4. Using default drivers from Microsoft Windows Update (issue still occurs)


      When I disconnect the second cable and allow Windows to load, it advises that there has been a blue screen.  I have attached a crash analysis to the post.


      Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.