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    Scaling/Custom Resolution issues with Optimus System


      Ever since I got my new laptop I've had nothing but problems with the Intel Graphics. The new GUI is absolutely terrible; it's incredibly dumbed down and you can't even do near to half as much as you could with the old GUI. I tried installing the old GUI, but I can't find it, I thought I did, but I just installed an older version of this new junk system.



      • Custom Resolutions don't work
      • There's no 720p option even though the built in monitor's default resolution is 1080p which should scale just fine.
      • Scaling doesn't seem to work
      • Sometimes when just browsing sites on Google Chrome, everything will flicker and then go back to normal and all videos/images/media will be black until I refresh the pages


      I am NOT using an external monitor. I've been trying to play games in the Battlefield series, but every one I launch starts out without being scaled.. So I can't play in 720p in any of them, and my system doesn't perform very well in 1080p for games like that. I just want things to work, if someone can help me, that would be great. Things were perfect with the old GUI.. Why change it? Yes the new GUI looks better, but it doesn't do nearly as much as you can do with the old one. Or maybe you can, but for some reason I can't do things as easily as I could back then.



      New GUI:



      Old GUI: