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    Windows 7 Pro 64bit errors after HDD to SSD migration


      Hi All,


      Thanks for taking the time to read through my problem. Hopefully there is a solution available that I Have been unable to find.




      I purchased and installed a brand new 500GB Intel SSD DC S3500. I then used the Intel disk migration software (boot disk) to clone the HDD to the SSD.

      The original HDD's are dual 300GB 15k rpm SAS drives in a RAID 0 configuration. The RAID controller reports that the stripe size is 64k. A full drive check for errors was performed before the clone and no errors were reported. Data on the original drives occupied only 147GB.


      The migration goes fine using the auto settings and no errors are reported. However, I encounter problems in Windows with programs such as Windows update and Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Mail gives the error: "Windows Live Mail could not be started. Closing Windows Live Mail. Your Calendar contains corrupt data that is forcing Windows Live Mail to close (0x8E5E0247)"




      Has anyone had experience with this type of error and successfully fixed it? Thanks for any help.