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    IMSM - Questions on verify mode

      A couple of questions on "verify mode" for my RAID 1:

      1. When IMSM is doing a verify, the system runs much, much slower (e.g, things take 10x or more longer than normal).  I wanted to make sure this is normal.
      2. Is there any way to see how many fixes were performed by a previously finished verify?  I just did a verify that took 4 hrs, and I only saw the status at 60% finished and it listed 23 fixed errors.  I wanted to see what the final tally was.
      3. Will incorrect shutdowns produce verify errors?  My motherboard doesn't recover from sleep correctly sometimes, which requires a power off to fix, and then verify happens sometimes (but not always).  Would this cause verify errors?  Or are verify errors the result of unrelated disk problems?
      4. Will a disk or I/O error cause IMSM to go into verify?  I performed a shutdown recently that took much longer than normal (suspecting verify) but the system was listed as normal on boot.  After much booting and rebooting due to hangs, the system finally went into verify, found at least 23 error,s fixed them and then operated fine after that.  Will a IMSM RAID 1 attempt fixes without going into verify mode?  Why all the hanging/severely degraded performance without listing verify mode?  And why did verify finally fix everything?
      5. How can I tell which disk in a RAID 1 is accumulating errors?  Is there any way to tell if one of the disks is failing?  WDC diagnostics don't work on RAID disks (as far as I can tell).