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    Intel RST in dual boot


      I have an Intel D945GNT system board with Intel cpu and four SATA drives attached configured under Intel Matrix Storage Manage/Rapid Storage Technology as two RAID 1 pairs running under Windows XP Pro 32 bit.


      The Intel RST was installed using the F6 floppy method when installing Windows XP.


      Recently, I have repartitioned the system disc to create a a dual-boot environment with the addition of a Windows 7 Pro 64 bit partition.


      I then installed Windows 7 without using the F6 floppy installation method and this seemed to go well with the RAID system apparently working.


      However, I rather miss the Windows Intel RST interface that I had under Windows XP as this isn't currently present when booting from the in the Windows 7 partition.


      What is the best way to install this interface?


      I have been looking at the latest downloads and note that Intel RST is listed as the latest and suitable for Windows 7 - should I try installing this using the SetupRST.exe associated with that download as a means of installing the Windows RST interface? And, if I do, will it helpfully update the current RST without destabilising operations under the Windows XP partition?


      Any comments would be appreciated.

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          Thanks for joining the Chipset community.

          Please bear in mind latest Intel® Rapid Storage software is compatible for PCH controllers, your motherboard is ICH7R.

          The latest storage software is Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager 8.9

          Intel® Download Center

          About dual boot issue, I would recommend waiting any other community member to post recommendations for your issue.



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            Many thanks for your recent posting. That was very helpful.


            I had been under the impression that Intel "Rapid Storage Technology" was merely a name change from "Intel Matrix Storage Technology" which tool effect from version 9.5 and that Intel RST remained compatible with ICH7R controllers - the following Intel link seems to indicate this is the case Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) — Supported chipsets and controller hubs


            Is the information in this link wrong - or have I misinterpreted in it in some way?


            At present, the XP Pro 32 bit partition has the iastor.sys driver and is on version and the Win 7 Pro 64 bit partition has the iastorv.sys driver and is on version - which I gather will be the default Windows driver installed when I installed Win 7.


            From what you say, the latest driver that I could use would be Intel MST and it sounds as if I ought to try re-installing that driver to replace the current driver on the XP partition (if it will accept an older driver as a replacement); and, then, install the same driver on the Win 7 partition, which should then also have the additional benefit of installing the Windows user interface for the RAID system on the Win 7 partition to match that on the XP partition.


            That way, both OS have the same driver and all the drivers support both the relevant operating system and the ICH7R chipset.


            I would be interested in any comments.

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              The information on the link is correct, for compatibility issues you need to load a compatible version for your chipset model.

              Yes, you need to use version 8.9 for both operating systems, again, for compatibility reasons.



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                Many thanks for your recent posting.


                As you suggest,I have now installed Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver in both XP and Win 7 partitions and all seems to be well.


                However, I noticed that, although when I installed it on the Win 7 partition it also installed the Matrix Storage Manager Windows interface, it didn't replace the previously-installed Rapid Storage Technology Windows interface when I installed it on the XP partition.


                Does it matter which Windows interface is used?


                Could I uninstall one using Windows Control Panel and then install a later version without mishap?


                Checking through the list of additional Intel Rapid Storage Technology downloads leading off from the link you provided, certainly looks like the best of the bunch with ICH7R support and also support for both Windoews XP Pro and Windows 7 Pro 64 bit; but there do seem to be other downloads available for Rapid Storage Technology that, on the face of it, might also work.


                For instance, I have used RST in the past and the information on the download page states that this is suitable for a D945GNT board and, also, support Windows XP Pro and Windows 7 64 bit.


                As it's a later version than, would it be a good idea to use it?


                See this link:

                Intel® Download Center


                All comments gratefully appreciated.

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                  In theory, both installations are different, therefore, the Matrix Storage Manager should install separately or uninstall separately.

                  You could try testing STOR_allOS_9.6.0.1014_PV.exe



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                    I have now installed Intel Rapid Storage Technoloy on both Windows XP Pro 32 bit and Windows 7 Pro 64 bit partitions and all seems to be well.


                    I used Windows Control Panel to uninstall existing user interfaces to MST or RST so that the installation of also installed the Windows user interface on both partitions.


                    All now seems to be well and that seems to resolve the issue.


                    Many thanks.

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                      Thanks for the update.