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    Disabling "Restore defaults" ctrl+alt+F8


      Intel HD Control Panel for the new Samsung NP940X3G - Intel HD Graphics 4400, driver (unable to update to due to "not validated for this computer").

      I would like to disable the restore the defaults keystroke - Ctrl+Alt-F8, as it drives me insane - i frequently use such combinations in my developer work, and when some utility decides to handle it, and resets all my settings, while providing no way to uninstall or disable such behavior, it should receive a "highly unusable, annoying, and overall bad design" award.  Please advise. Thanks!

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          Hello Nyuriks, I am afraid to tell you that this option is the only one that cannot be disabled. You would be able to disable all the other “customize hot keys” on the Intel HD graphics control panel.


          Regarding the installation of the graphics driver, I recommend you using the drivers provided by Samsung.  Bear in mind that we provided generic drivers; therefore sometimes these cannot be installed on OEM systems or the installation of them could overwrite OEMs customizations.

          If you are still want to install our drivers, you may try forcing the installation by performing manual procedure, however I cannot assure you they are going to work as expected.

          See here for instructions:   Graphics Drivers — Computer manufacturer graphics driver detected

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            @sylvia_intel, thank you for the answer. Would it be possible to install just the device driver, without any additional UI components? I don't need to control any aspect of the video driver beyond what regular Windows UI allows, and I find UI portion of the Intel driver not just benign, but severly counterproductive. Thank you.

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              I’m sorry Nyuriks, but which device drive would you like to install?

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                @sylvia_intel, the device driver for the video card. Intel's video driver consists of the driver component (it starts during the initial startup of Windows and runs in the kernel mode), and the User Interface component, that captures global shortcut keys and changes driver settings. I need the first portion, but not the second.  Most drivers allow installation of just the device driver without user interface. Could you check with the developers please? Thanks!

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                  There are some installation switches that may help you, however we haven’t test them. You may check them at the readme URL from the HD4400 graphics driver http://downloadmirror.intel.com/24245/eng/Installation_Readme64.txt    


                  You can also wait a reply from other users who have already tried this procedure; perhaps they could answer your question

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                    @sylvia_intel, thanks, but it doesn't seem like any of the switches will do that. Would it be possible to contact the development group about it? Having no way to disable a global shortcut is an artificial issue introduced by Intel without much benefit to anyone. It causes significant problems for keyboard-centric users. Most complex software, e.g. software development tools, use complex shortcuts like ctrl+alt+(F#-key) to perform various actions, and to globally disable a key combination is very inconvenient.  Imagine Intel decided to claim that the letter "i" will be a magical key that brings up Intel control panel? Would people like a laptop with the disabled letter "i" (yes, this is a ridiculous example, but globally capturing a shortcut key used by other programs is a bit arrogant and limiting in the same way as disabling the "i" key)

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                      Nyuriks, I really apologized for this inconvenience.


                      I’m going to share your feedback to the corresponding team so they can take a look, but I cannot assure you they are going to develop a driver to solve this behavior.

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                        They better make the change. Because it comes across as if Intel was not giving a squat about customers which I think is very much true: we rule the market, we can affort being abusive, it's good to be a king. Changing shortcuts is elementary, it takes minimal time and effort. Leaving it as is causes so much pain and loss of productivity that I actually put a request through our hardware procurement/acquisition team to avoid Intel HD graphics product for our development hardware. We simply can not afford this. It costs us too much.


                        Here's why: our highly skilled, very expensive developer teammates use very complicated software products daily with 2-3 monitors. Some graphics designer use 4, because they need 4 views in their Blender/Unity/Illustrator/What not. Those software products, our bread and butter, are extremely complex and they require hundreds of keyboard shortcuts for all the functionality we need to develop modern software. Including but not limited to Ctrl+Alt+F8. And with Intel HD onboard, the developer wants to export the object hierarchy to UML for the meeting in 5 minutes past, hits Ctrl+Alt+F8 as they did for years, but with the new Intel HD graphic cards - BAMM, all displays go kaputt, in some cases no display is active and in a few cases it took hours to return the workstation to usable state again. It gets worse. Some of the shortcuts used by Intel HD graphics, for example Ctrl+Alt+Left, if disabled, they are disabled for good! No application can use them, period. Eliminated. Obliterated. Gone. But!! But!! Ctrl+Alt+Left is a common idiom of "previous window" or "previous location" in IDEs, terminal emulators etc!!! Ctrl+Alt+Right is a common idiom of "next window" in the same!!! You can not take this away from us!!


                        Having wasted so much time and money to this nonsense, our developers start hating and cursing Intel so much that you guys must feel something like itching or something. You can't treat people like this and be happy. Meanwhile, I am buying our developers NVidia cards: NVidia actually knows a value of a respecting their customers, unlike Intel. And they don't dare to hard-code global shortcuts. Because, frankly, it's simply unprofessional.

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                          1. J.U., I already share this information to the engineers.
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                            I'll upvote this. "highly unusable, annoying, and overall bad design" seems to be an accurate description.

                            For anyone else having this problem, here's how to disable it:

                            1) Go to Start menu, search for services.msc.

                            2 )Find the "Service for Intel(R) HD Graphics Control Panel" service.

                            3) Disable it (open it's properties, stop it AND make sure to set its' startup type to "Disabled")

                            4) Open the task manager and kill all processes with names that start with "igfx".

                            Voila. It's gone. Use system dialogs if you need to change the graphics settings.


                            No thanks to you, Intel.

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                              Thank you mskr, it did the trick.

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                                I know this is an old thread, but I have a way to disable only the hotkeys:


                                1) open the location of igfxHK.exe (mine is in %SystemRoot%\system32\)

                                2) kill igfxHK.exe

                                3) rename it to something else (igfxHK.exe_, for example)


                                And there will be no more hotkeys, with everything else functional.


                                I think it might return with an update, but will have to see.

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                                  Sorry mskr: I don't have this service on my system - so my hotkeys are still enabled

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                                    @mnbvas - this doesn't work too - as this file is not on my system