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    Intel AC 7260 not working on D54250WYKH1


      I have had the D54200WYKH1 for a month and yesterday tried adding Intel AC 7260.

      I have Windows 8.1.

      No problems with hardware install.  Downloaded and installed latest Intel Proset drivers for the 7260 (17.1)

      Both bluetooth and wifi wouldn't work.


      I then updated to latest Bios for D54250WYKH1 (0030) and installed the latest driver package.

      Still not working. Uninstalled and reinstalled 7260 drivers.  Didn't work.

      Downgraded to 17.0 drivers.  No luck.


      I wasted 4 hours last night trying to get this card to work.  I've searched the forums and have seen similar problems but no definitive solutions.  Please help.