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    Quadro NVS 440 with Intel Motherboard S1200V3RPS showing garbage during BIOS screen


      Helllo, THis is my first post on the forum. Please help me with the following issue.


      I am using Graphics card from my old PC on the new Intel server board S1200V3RPS. First I am able to install OpenSuse 13.1 without inserting Quadro graphic card. Then I insert the graphics card and try to start the system. At the time of startup, I see garbage on the two monitors I have connected to the graphics card. Then the linux system loads and the card appears to be working fine and I am able to install legacy drivers for the card on the linux systtem.


      However, the issue is that I do not have any access to BIOS screen at the time of startup. Please let me know how can I fix this?