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    Mini Displayport to hdmi adapter not working well- Haswell Nuc


      Hello, I have tried 2 different mini displayport to hdmi adapters. Cabels2Go & Startech brands. They work just fine, except when turning on the nuc from an off state. If it is plugged in; the bios does not post and it just hangs. Unable to do anything unless it is unplugged & restarted. This was my 2nd attempt at connecting a 2nd display by the mini displayport to a tv that only has hdmi. A simple displayport to hdmi cable will not work because i get random red lines all over the screen. Is my only good option to just keep unplugging, turning on, and then plugging back in once the operating system is loaded? Can this be fixed in a bios update? it has most current  bios which is Version 28 for D34010WYB.