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    gphoto2 on Edison


      Has anyone successfully installed gphoto2 on Edison? If so, please guide a noob!


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          Hi rubidium,


          You have two ways to install gphoto2 on Edison. The first one is building a custom Edison image and add the gphoto2 package. For this way you should check this document: Edison BSP User Guide, where is a good explanation about how to create Edison images. In the page 9 you will find the following link: openembedded/meta-oe · GitHub. There you will find, among other packages, the gphoto2 package. In the same page there is an example, just follow it if you want to build your custom Edison image. The second way is try to install the package using the opkg command. However, you have to find first a repository where you can download the gphoto2 package for the correct architecture, which is i586, and then, you have to add the repository in this file: /etc/opkg/base-feeds.conf. Here is a guide to use the opkg command, it has more details: http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/techref/opkg


          I hope this information helps you. Have a nice day!




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            Just yesterday, I built an Edison image on my Ubuntu machine - with some difficulty. I haven't looked into the openembedded content, but based on your recommendation can I assume that what's there is suitable for incorporating into the Edison image right off the bat?


            What about downloading gphoto2 and libgphoto2 tars to Edison itself and building right on Edison (e.g. ./configure, make, make install) ?  Will the appropriate libraries be in all the right places as they are, for instance on a Raspberry Pi running Debian Wheezy?

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              if you have all library dependencies in place you can surely build on Edison. Typically the ./configure script comes with "--prefix" or similar parameters to set the paths if the defaults don't fit. However, some drawbacks on building on the target:

              - it's probably way slower than on a build server

              - you don't have a package controlled by opkg which you can easily de-install at a later stage if needed. So it's not so clean as you have to take care of the installed files yourself.

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                I just checked http://github.com/openembedded/meta-oe/tree/master/meta-oe/recipes-graphics and indeed there is a "gphoto2" entry there.  Unfortunately the content appears to be limited to "libgphoto2" (which is the core library) and I cannot find the associated "gphoto2" command line client. The client is also needed to perform camera operations from a script - which is my end objective. :-(


                Any further insights?


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                  well, you could write recipes on your own. If the library ... has a clean autotools, or CMake build it can be pretty easy.