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    D34010WYK freezes with Kingston V300 SSD


      Windows 8.1 Pro x64

      BIOS Version: WYLPT10H.86A.0027.2014.0710.1904

      SSD: Kingston SSDNow V300 SATA III running in AHCI mode


      System freezes for 20 seconds and then always gets back to normal with every bigger file transfer or application that accesses the hard drive. It also occurs randomly many times a day. You can always reproduce it with a hdd speed test like CrystalDiskMark.


      Every time this happens, hdd led remains on the whole time, hdd Active time 100% in task manager, only the mouse is responsive and two events are recorded in event log:


      Event ID: 129

      Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued.


      Event ID: 153

      The IO operation at logical block address 314 for Disk 0 (PDO name: \Device\0000002c) was retried.


      I already tried everything that can be found online as a solution for this event, like disabling LPM/DIPM from registry, PCI express Link State Power Management off and I tried both microsoft storahci driver and intel rapid storage driver iaStorA.

      My system has all updates installed, all Intel NUC drivers including the chipset driver, I also tried secure erase on ssd and fresh windows reinstall, same problem.

      Just to be clear, the Kingston is not defective, since I used it until now in my old laptop in AHCI mode, and works perfectly. Also I tried a normal Seagate HDD on the NUC, and the problem does not appear anymore.

      This is very annoying and please investigate this compatibility issue.

      Thank you!