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    Edison Breakout Board Hardware Guide Help


      I received my Intel Edison Breakout Board Kit Model EDI1BB.AL.K today. I went to this page to get the information on the connectors and and so on.





      I don't want to get off on the wrong foot here being new and all, but that has to be the worst pdf document for a board I have ever seen.

      Here are just a few reason why.


      #1) It shows a DC with center pin jack "J22" which there clearly isn't one.

      #2) There is no J22 on the board anywhere but its shown on page 9

      #3) micro USB J3, is not even mentioned in the document. So what is it for ?

      #4) micro USB J16 is talked about on in section 2.2, but is far to vague of an explanation.

      #5) J21 is shown on page 9 figure 2, but does not even talk about it or what its purpose is.

      #6) J2 is not shown or talked about.

      #7) J1 is not shown or talked about.


      These are just a few but serious issues with this document.

      How does Intel expect anyone to make use of this with this kind of document ?


      Now, If i have missed some other document that explains this board better then i apologize Intel, and if there is one then dump this .pdf and just keep the better one.