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    USB IR Nuc DN2820


      Hi all,


      I'm very happy with my NUC but I kinda have an issue.


      See I wanna hide the NUC behind my TV.

      But then when I turn the NUC off, the USB IR receiver I installed (Philips OVU412000 IR) won't make him start back up again as soon as I sent the command: Pwr Toggle.

      But that same command (using my harmony remote) does work on the internal CIR of the NUC.


      Is the USB not capable of receiving any PwrToggle commands when powered off ?

      Because I do see the light that the USB has kinda power but still doesn't make the system start.

      As soon as the NUC has been started everything works fine with that external USB IR.


      Anyone got the same problem? Any solutions?


      Oh yeah did try all the USB but result is the same...


      Thanks in advance.


      DN2820 with the latest bios installed, running Openelec 4.2.0 (also latest since day before yesterday)

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          Hi Bartus


          I tried to do the same thing i also got the dn2820. Intel says that boot on cold (S5) should work with USB or the internal IR receiver. But i tried everything and didn't got it to work. I have an RC6 remote and a USB Remote both work out of the Box but no boot on cold. So i think this is a  BIOS issue. There are some users reporting boot on remote works. So i think we have to wait for a new BIOS or buy a different device.



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            Hello BartusKN,


            It is possible to turn the NUC on when it is in S3 state (Sleep) either using an internal IR or USB Ir. I can confirm this because I have tested the NUC with that configuration.


            Having the NUC completely off, the IR does not have enough power to turn it on so a solution for you would be to keep the NUC on S3 State and in that way it will turn on.


            Kevin M

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              Thanks for the respons, but will the fan of the CPU also be spinning in S3 when sleep ?

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                Dear kevin

                I understand that the NUC can be turned on with remote in S3 wich is the Stand By Modus by the way. But thats not what we want. We want to use the NUC as HTPC and it schould boot from cold with remote like every device for Home Cinema does. Because in S3 the NUC is still consuming power. @ Bartus in S3 the CPU Fan is not running. By the way my Zotac does boot from S5 with remote even from USB. So final question, is it that boot by remote from S5 is not supported? And never will?



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                  Hello philipp8899


                  At this point the NUC support waking sleep mode. From S5 it is necessary to configure the S5 on the BIOS.


                  Hi BartusKN

                  The fan will be spinning on sleep mode.


                  Kevin M

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                    Ok Thanks Philip8899, still wondering how to achieve some settings to do get a working usb from S5 since the led on the IR USB seems to work. So there is kinda some power in the USB when off in S5.


                    Any tips Kevin how to configure S5 as mentioned in the message above this one ?

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                      This can be done at the BIOS level under Power Tab > Secondary Power Options > Wake System from S5.

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                        Well this setting is on already.

                        Wake System from S5 is not enabled since then there are more options such as:

                        Wake up date - hour - minute etc etc.


                        But already got the option: Wake on USB from S4/S5 is enabled.


                        Bios version is FYBYT10H.86A.0034.2014.0513.1413

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                          Yes your are right i have that option too but you can only configure timing to wake up like you mentioned. If this is working what are the correct BIOS Settings to enable Wake on IR or USB from S5? Still think the BIOS is a mess sorry.


                          But thanks for the input

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                            Got any ideas left to fix the problem?

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                              No sorry Bartus i tried everything i tested four different remotes with and without USB. I tested all possible BIOS settings and my NUC still refuses to turn on from any cold state S5 or S4. I tried setting it to S3 hibernation but this also failed to work with OPENELEC, it still doesn't come back from remote. And as you can see there is no help from Intel.

                              We can only wish for a BIOS update but i think they have bigger problems like the Thermal Strip error witch i also got.


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                                At this point, the solution to use the NUC as HTPC and have it behind the TV is to set on the BIOS the configuration.

                                I am afraid to say that the CIR does not work when the NUC is off but it does when it is on.


                                Kevin M

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                                  Hi Kevin,


                                  Like Philip and I we already tried all settings but none works.


                                  Would you mind to take it up to the development department as a bios update in the near future?

                                  I can't think of using this behind my tv without pulling it out every day when I want to start the nuc.


                                  Maybe there is another solution like soldering the cir on a wire?

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                                    I will pass it your feedback to the correct department for future considerations.


                                    Kevin M

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