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    HD4600 - Random Cut to Black


      I am having a problem using the onboard intel HD4600 of my Gigabyte Z87-HD3.


      Randomly during use the screen will cut to black the AV amp shows no audio in and then everything returns a second later.

      This is very annoying.


      My system is as follows:

      Gigabyte Z87-HD3


      Windows 8.1 Pro x64


      Connected to:

      Onkyo TX-NR515 via HDMI. (Which is connected to a Sharp LED TV)


      Originally my problem was the well documented issue whereby on turning the Amp / TV off but leaving the PC on I would not get sound back unless I rebooted the PC when turning the AMP / TV back on.


      I updated the drivers to the latest version and the BIOS to the latest version. This solved the above.


      I am not sure if my random cut to black problem is since this update or not. I never really got to use the PC much for video before the fix.


      Would appreciate any pointers.


      I have tested the TV/Amp with another PC and a Blu-Ray player, it never does this then.