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    Fan control


      Hi, I am a video enthousiast and bought a W2600CR workstation for rendering and editing. I am new with server boards. I managed to get the machine up and running. Had a few hickups along the way, but managed to fix all but one. The system fans spin at teir maximum speed and the machine is extremely noisy. I tried to change acoustic settings in the bios and installed the active system console, but so far no luck. The ASC claims under System > Cooling that there are 'No sensors found'  which I think is weird. There are no unknown devices in the device manager. I am running Windows 8.1. How do I throttle the fans? It just makes too much noise now to work on the box. Thanks upfront for any help! :-)

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          Let me provide some assistance.


          I would suggest following the guide for System fan runs too fast or too loud. Most importantly, we need to make sure that you program the fans properly when running the firmware update package for your board, particularly when updating the FRUSDR portion of the update.


          What is your chassis model? And what is the BIOS version you are running with?

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            I downloaded and installed the latest EFI System Firmware Update Package (SFUP) which contained the System BIOS, ME Firmware, BMC Firmware and FRUSDR. After that it said fan configuration invalid and auto-detection failed. I could either select a Workstation System P4000CR family or do a manual setup. Since I have a W2600CR I chose the 2nd option, but I got all sorts of questions I could not answer so I decided to go back to the firmware upgrade and not run the Standard Update Procedure (which updates all 4) but do a Individual Firmware Update Procedure and I only did the FRUSDR update. After that the system was recognized correctly and there was only an initial full blast of the fans and then the machine became quiet as a whisper after a few seconds. What a relief! The ASC is now also able to read out a lot more sensors.


            In short: problem solved, thanks for your suggestions!