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    2 USB ports on the small breakout board


      Sorry, total newbie question.  There are 2 USB ports on the breakout board.  It appears that the one closest to the jumper pins is supplying power.  The other USB port (nearer the to edge of the board) does not appear to be doing much of anything, however my edision sometimes appears to need both plugged in at the same time..


      Can someone elaborate about which USB port is used and for what?

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          The USB port closer to the pins can act like a slave or a master. It also offers one option to power the edison board. Beside other features it shows a usb drive where you can put new edison image files to flash it.


          The other USB port offers a serial connection which allows you to interact with the edison board by using putty. This is the only purpose of this port.


          At least this is what I found out so far.