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    HD 4400 flickering problem


      Hi everyone,

      I'm facing a very annoying problem and several others like me in an italian forum.

      It's an issue related to the Intel HD 4400 graphic card.

      I have received a few days ago a brand new Dell Inspiron laptop (7537) which has two graphic cards: an integrated Intel and a dedicated nVidia GT 750 2GB DDR5.


      Once the laptop is not plugged in the monitor (Full HD Samsung SDC4C48 touch-screen led IPS display) is flickering.

      The operative system is Windows 8.1 PRO X64 Update 1 just formatted and updated to the latest release; the Intel driver is the last one downloadable on your download center (

      I tried previous driver versions (and the one downloadable on the Dell website) but the problem is always there and it's probably related to how the software manage the power consumption once the power cord is unplugged.


      Unfortunately it's a common problem.

      Get a look here (that's not me and it's a different Inspiron laptop with te same graphic card):




      I have already deactivated the adaptive lighting and setted Windows 8.1 to "maximum performance" but it didn't work.

      I went to Control Panel --> Devices Management and I disabled the Intel HD card: the problem disappeared but the nVidia control panel (latest WHQL nVidia Geforce 344.11 driver installed) stopped working too.

      I then re-enabled the HD4400 graphic card and I unistalled the Intel driver letting Windows to install the generic Microsoft 6.3.9600.16384 one dated 21.06.2006 and I fixed it but... withouth the Intel driver I cannot modify brightness, contrast, color saturation etc. anymore.

      I haven't found a solution to fix this problem so far and inside the Bios there is no setting to disable your graphic card.




      Hw Spec.:


      CPU: Intel Core™ i7-4510U processor (4M Cache, up to 3.1 GHz);

      Graphic cards: Intel HD 4400 + nVidia Geforce GT 750M 2 GB DDR5;

      Ram: DDR3 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) 1600 MHz;

      Monitor: Full HD IPS touch-screen display (Samsung SDC4C48);

      Wireless: Intel(r) Wireless-N 7260 BGN 2,4 GHz + Bluetooth 4.0;

      Hard drive: SSD Crucial MX100 512GB.

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          Thanks for joining the Graphics community.


          In this case, you are mentioned the problem happens when the laptop is working without an external monitor? correct? The laptop works fine if you connect an external monitor, right?


          Have you updated laptop BIOS?

          Support | Dell US



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            Hi Allan,

            I received the laptop a few days ago and it already has the latest Dell's Bios (A10) onboard.


            I did what you asked me to do and I unplugged the power cord and I then connected the laptop to an external monitor (a 46" LCD TV Full HD Sony Bravia KDL 46W905A) using a Lindy HDMI 1.4 shielded cable.

            I spotted another problem, as you can see in the attached picture: a very grainy image displayed on the external monitor; about this issue I plugged a different external display, a Samsung 22" HD Ready TV, and this one, which has a lower resolution, hadn't such a grainy image but it had artifacts and washed-out colors).

            I tried to set the Intel driver but anything changed.

            In this test the laptop screen had the flickering problem too but the external displays didn't suffer of it.


            As I wrote, the problem is not related to my laptop but others have exactly the same issue.