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    4k resolution


      I have a new pc that i built with an i7 4770k processor, gygabyte b85 motherboard, 16g ram and an nvidia gtx 780 gpu Windows 7 64 bit svr pkg 1.  The pc loaded and works great until i plug in the second monitor which is a new samsung 4k tv.  When i plug in the hdmi which is in the tvs pc hdmi port to the gpu the screen goes black  on the primary monitor and shows no signal to the 4k tv, and the primary will not come back on.  A reboot with both hooked up shows up on both screens as the bios flashes by then the starting windows screen and then again both monitors go black and display no signal.  A boot up in safe mode allows both to run.  I have on the advice of nvidia uninstalled the video drivers and did a clean install,  no change.  I have tried many configurations of cables  hdmi  display port and dvi but cannot get the pc to push to the 4k tv.  It will push to an older 1080 p plasma,   the date on the bios is april 2014 and these 4k tvs are newer than that.  So before i attempt to reflash the bios i was hoping for some insight from here. thanks for any help   david