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    Screen Resolution and Usb storage


      Hi everyone,

           I have a problem I have never seen before and was hoping someone can point in the right direction.  I have a thinkpad T61 with the Intel 965 Chipset / Video.


      The problem is you can set the resolution if the LCD to the native and it will work fine.  However if you try to use any usb flash/hd type devices it switch back to the 800x600 resolution.  I can change it back to the native and use it however once another usb drive is inserted into the usb it does it again. 

      If I remove the display driver it stops this however I have tried all dif versions of the driver software and all of them do this.  I have also have the lastest chipset drivers as well.   I am not sure what else to try before I just reload the laptop and hope that that fixes it.


      Thanks to anyone that can help