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    ifconfig doesn't work with SD image


      I am trying to ssh to the galileo via ethernet after giving it an ip address through the code:


      ifconfig eth0 netmask up


      but it spits out an error


      ifconfig: SIOCSIFADDR: No such device


      I have loaded the iot-kit SD image found here and have reflashed it multiple times. The above command works fine with no SD card in the galileo board. Any idea whats happening here?


      As a side note when I try to use:


      telnetd -l /bin/sh


      it gives me an error


      /bin/sh: telnetd: command not found


      This also works without the SD card in the galileo.

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          "eth0" is old device naming. The IoT devkit image uses the current scheme (whereas the built-in Yocto is slightly older and uses old naming scheme). If you type "ifconfig" without parameters (or the newer command "ip a" - ifconfig only there for legacy reasons) you should find the "enp..." device which is the ethernet controller.

          If you insist in having the naming to "eth0" you can modify the behavior - I think it's a udev rule you'd have to change. Check the web for that


          On telnetd - well, the images are different. What do you need telnetd for? Maybe you could use "nc"?

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            Hi Silenus,

            Was the previous suggestion helpful? If it was you can mark it as correct answer or reply to this thread with your questions.