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    Undecided wheter to use node.js or C/C++ for IoT proyect.


      This is my fist time as a poster so please correct my if I'm doing something I'm not supposed to.

      Some colleagues and I are developing an IoT cloud-based hydroponics automatization system and we are not sure which path  to follow.

      We are using an Intel Galileo GEN2 and we  installed the Yocto Image from http://iotdk.intel.com/images/iot-devkit-latest-mmcblkp0.direct.bz2 .

      We also  sucessfully tried the C/C++ examples  and made our own simple modifications from the code samples. Additionaly we've built some functionalities need using the node.js plattform.


      As I undertsand it, Intel (for now) has better support for IoT using C/C++. Is this ture?


      Thanks to all.