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    Battery level


      Is posible check battery level status on Intel Edison (Yocto)?

      I,ve tried acpi but is not istalled.



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          Hi naxtito,


          Have you tried installing it by using opkg?



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            Is there hardware support for reading the battery voltage on the Edison?  I'm designing a board that will run off battery, similar to the Edison breakout board, using the BQ24074.  I'm currently adding an i2c A2D to read the voltage, but would love to eliminate it.  Is there a way to read voltage off of V_SYS or DCIN?

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              Hi faceplant,


              There is no other way, ADC is required as you can see in the Edison Arduino Hardware guide page 6. It was not added to the breakout board and if you designing your own breakout board and you need to read an analog value like voltage, then you need to have ADC.



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                Hi JPMontero_Intel,


                I'm also wanting to read battery level on Intel Edison. I'm using a 3.7V lithium-ion battery 1000 mAh with Intel Edison on mini breakout board (Yocto release ww05-15).


                I thought I could just plug the battery on the Edison connector to power it and also plug it in parallel by using GPIO as input but searching for this I found this topic.


                However checking the Intel Edison Kit for Arduino Hardware Guide I read this : "Configure IO14 as an ADC input".


                Si I assume the operation we want to do is available without adding any external circuit (as I thought we should do if needed to add ADC) ?

                Will this ADC configuration be also available with mini breakout board (I suppose it is) ?


                Thank you,





                Forgot to give you the link where I found about ADC configuration : http://download.intel.com/support/edison/sb/edisonarduino_hg_331191007.pdf

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                  I may have not been clear enough.


                  Thanks to Arduino hardware guide, it looks like getting battery level is possible OOTB thanks to the configuration of an ADC input (no external ADC).

                  However this software configuration will not work with mini breakout board ? So the only solution is to add external ADC.


                  I'm wondering if there may be someone to give some advice for choosing a good ADC.

                  For example searching ADCs on Mouser will ask for several specifications : Analog to Digital Converters - ADC | Mouser.

                  As anyone deal with this ? Any advice about choosing an ADC ?





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                    Hi thom@s,


                    Another option is to use a Coulomb counter just as mweal mentions in this post. I hope this helps.



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                      Hi JPMontero_Intel


                      thanks for giving me this solution.

                      I already chose to go with the SparkFun LiPo Fuel Gauge - TOL-10617 - SparkFun Electronics as it's an "all done" solution regarding the hardware (I wasn't really sure about choosing ADC, what components should I add...).

                      I didn't know about Coulomb counter, I will check this for my personal knowledge so !

                      Looks like both will do the same thing I want, but it is mentioned "When used effectively and if you start with a full battery, you’ll always know exactly how much of it is left!" for Coulomb counter. Seems logic as it is compared to a current odometer but I think I will prefer to use the LiPo Fuel Gauge !

                      Anyway thanks for the reply, it helps me to learn more !



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                        Most likely you have figured out by now, but just in case, here's the solution:

                        You can use 'battery-voltage' recipe in Yocto to accomplish this. It's in latest Edison's image. Check longer response at

                        Re: Power or voltage meter using onboard PMIC