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    Intel HD Graphics 4000 on Inspiron 15z 5523



      I have a new DELL Inspiron 15z 5523 laptop



          Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3537U CPU @ 2.00GHz


          Maximum speed:    2.00 GHz

          Sockets:    1

          Cores:    2

          Logical processors:    4

          Virtualization:    Enabled

          L1 cache:    128 KB

          L2 cache:    512 KB

          L3 cache:    4.0 MB


      I always installed the DELL Intel Graphics driver that is in their site which is version but that driver was released in 2013 and I always noticed it causing the laptop to hang after Windows 8.1 shuts down if the IDM (Internet Download Manager shuts Windows while the display is turned off) even though, the laptop hangs and doesn't power off, power button keeps lit and fan keeps spinning and when I installed the latest Intel HD Graphics 4000 driver which is version, I noticed this issue doesn't happen. So were you aware of that issue and you fixed it with the latest Intel driver?


      The issue is when a download manager turn off the laptop after completing downloads, so when it turns off the laptop while the display is turned off, sometimes the laptop hang and doesn't power off.

      I tested this issue with the latest Intel graphics driver but it didn't happen so far.


      I have some few questions?

      Did you really know about this issue and you fixed it in the updated driver or am I just guessing an it may be a random issue? But I made sure that it is not random because every time I install the old Intel driver, when I test the issue with IDM, it occurs after about 7-12 shut downs and sometimes in the first shut down. But when I install the new driver, I tested this with about 20 shut downs and it didn't occur.


      My second question, Is this latest driver harmful to my system? Does the Intel graphics driver have to do with the battery life?



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          Hello AmgedIsmail, I did not find any particular fix related to the software you are using (IDM); however, it is possible that this was the result of other improvements in the new driver version.

          Optimizations in the driver binary size for DirectX* user mode driver DLL files. This implies a smaller disk footprint for

          the graphics driver.



          Having the drivers installed allows Windows* to properly manage the power resources. Installing the generic drivers provided by Intel will not harm your computer but it is possible that these drivers are missing features that were included by your system manufacturer in customized drivers specifically designed for the computer model you own.

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            Thanks for the reply.

            OK can you please tell me examples of these features that were included by the DELL?

            And about this hang issue caused when IDM turns off the laptop while the display is turned off. So was this a bug in the version or it is because DELL customized the driver and they may bugged the main driver's files??


            I have told DELL about this I told them to update the Intel graphics driver but they didn't reply.

            Can you please contact them and tell them that you have a new Intel HD Graphics 4000 that has some improvements which fix the system hang issue so they customize the new driver please?