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    Laptop with Intel HD 4600: screen blinking dark sometimes


      Hi there.


      I just started using a MSI GE40 laptop with intel HD 4600 and a NVIDIA graphics (in optimus mode I believe).

      There is an annoying bug that the screen every now and then blinks dark (I guess it's a single black frame, but have no way to verify it). The blinking is of low intensity (i'd say maybe a few times a minute at most) and correlates with on-screen activities. When I do nothing and the screen does not change, this seems not to happen.


      All the relevant drivers are the latest: intel iGFX is, NVIDIA card is I had this with .3496 for intel and .332.35 NV as well. I tried disabling the optimus either way (so that either card is the only active) - didn't go away. I tried disabling the devices in device managed, one at a time, same result.


      What seems to have helped is to disable "Automatyczne odswiezanie panelu" in "Zasilanie" under "Zasilanie z baterii" through "Panel strowniczy grafiki HD Intel(r)" (an app). I do not feel like misguiding you by providing possibly incorrect translation, sorry for that.


      BTW MSI provides a BIOS UEFI update that has a description of "fix panel that have PSR function happen flash sometimes under DC mode", but I am unwilling to verify what it means if the outcome of applying it erroneously could be "(...) Failure to abide may result in bricking your system."


      Best regards


      Tomasz Wozniak