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    Intel Core Duo equivalent


      Hi all,

      Im using VMWare Workstation 10 on 64-bit Windows 7 laptop.

      This setup seems to be causing problems when running a Fedora 20 i386 VM. This is the only VM ive tried so far in VMWare and at the moment I cant get the guest to apply updates without problems ... updates continuing through the night and not being complete even after nealry 10 hours!

      On checking the system requirements of VMWare Workstation 10 everything matches or is better, but the only thing i cannot seem to verify is the processor.


      VMW Workstation 10 requires a 64-bit x86 Intel Core™ Solo Processor or equivalent

      My processor is an Intel Core i5 2450M 2.5GHz

      could somebody please advise whether this meets the VMWare Workstation requirements

      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          Hello barneybloggs,


          Let me help you with this.


          All our Intel® processors are compatible with desktop systems and mobile systems but the best option is to contact VMware directly and get the compatibility list for their software.


          Here you can check more information:



          Kevin M

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            This isnt really the answer I was looking for.

            I was asking a question about an Intel product on an Intel communities page. I didn't expect to be referred to VMWare.

            I know what the VMWare Workstation 10 requirements are regarding processors (as stated in my initial question):

            64-bit x86 Intel Core™ Solo Processor or equivalent

            My question is:

            Is the 64-bit x86 Intel Core™ Solo Processor equivalent to my processor, an Intel Core i5 2450M 2.5GHz.

            Does my processor, as reported in Windows computer properties, need to say 64-bit in its name.

            Im assuming its a 64-bit processor as i am running 64-bit Windows.

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              Oh I am sorry, I understood you wanted to know if the processor you have is compatible with the VMware software.


              The Intel® Core™ Solo processor is a very old platform what used 32bit Instruction set meaning that can be used with 32 bit Operating Systems only.


              Your Intel® Core i5 processor is much newer and it uses a 64Bit instruction set so it is possible to use 64 bit Operating Systems.

              Besides this, there are a lot of other feature, technologies and changes between these two platforms so I would the Intel® Core i5 processor in mentioned is not the equivalent for that platform due to all those changes.


              Here is a comparison list between the Intel® Core i5 and the Intel® Core™ Solo processors:



              Kevin M