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    Cant Update Edison


      I can`t update Edison, configure_edison command have few parameters, there are not configure_edison --update


      It have only this options,


      root@AlberEdison:~# configure_edison --help



        Interactive configuration options:

          (none)                  Goes through changing the device name, password, and wifi options.

          --name or -n            Changes the device name

          --password or -p        Changes the device password

          --wifi or -w            Changes the wifi options



        Non-interactive configuration options

          --changePassword        Changes the device password to the following argument

          --changeName            Changes the device name to the following argument



        Other options

          --help or -h        Displays these help options

          --server            Starts the server (testing only)


      how can i fix it?



        • 1. Re: Cant Update Edison

          You need to update to the latest image Flashing Edison (wired) - Windows


          After updating I get:

          root@edison:~# configure_edison --help

          usage: configure_edison [-h] [--server]

                                  [[--setup | --name | --password | --wifi]

                                  [--showWiFiIP | --version | --latest-version | --upgrade | --disableOneTimeSetup | --enableOneTimeSetup | --flash <version> [<release name> ...]

                                  | --showNames]


          optional arguments:

            -h, --help            show this help message and exit

            --server              Starts the server (testing only)

            --setup               Goes through changing the device name, password, and

                                  wifi options

            --name                Changes the device name

            --password            Changes the device password

            --wifi                Changes the wifi options

            --showWiFiIP          IP address associated with the wireless interface

            --version             Gets the current firmware version

            --latest-version      Gets the latest firmware version

            --upgrade             Downloads the latest firmware


                                  Disable one-time setup and WiFi access point

            --enableOneTimeSetup  Enable one-time setup and WiFi access point

            --flash <version> [<release name> ...]

                                  Downloads and flashes an image

            --showNames           Show device name and SSID