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    Problem with Intel HD Advanced Settings


      Hello, i recently bought a asus x450ln laptop.


      intel core i7 4500u

      nvidia geforce 840m

      8gb ram

      windows 8.1 64 bit


      Obviously i have a Intel HD 4400 because of the processor, but in the driver when i want to go to advanced settings says: this display does not support any of the advanced settings.

      I update the driver to the lastest version, desinstall drivers and nothing work.

      I read some posts of people with the same problem and their solutions didn't work to me

      What should i do? or my display really can't support the advanced settings?

      Please help, thanks.

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          Hello NicholasSeiyah, I would like to tell you that I have the same results when accessing the “advanced settings” on my laptop and on my Intel NUC.


          So this could be a non supported feature on the monitor I’m using. I know that some computer manufacturers customized the graphics and limited the access to some features. Also, there are some resolutions that are not available, and it is may be because the monitor/tv may not support it.


          I found this thread with some troubleshooting steps that you may want to try. https://communities.intel.com/message/222304


          In addition, I would recommend you using ASUS graphics drivers, since ours are generic and the installation of them would overwrite ASUS customizations and possibly change the functionality of it.