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    DX58SO Hanging Up or Freezing Windows 2003


      There does not seem to be a pattern to when this happens.

      I am running:

      DX58S0 - i7 2.66 CPU - 4196 BIOS ( Upgrading from the original BIOS seems to have made things worse...)

      Asus EAH3450 Graphics

      Dell Perc 6e Raid Controller

      Windows 2003.

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          Hello. You need to be more exact with the specs: what type of drives, how many, what kind of raid; same goes for the memory, what kind of power supply, what kind of case, how many fans, etc. What have you done so far to try and isolate the problem? I noticed that your video card has a passive heatsink; your board and processor put out a lot of heat, so if your case is small and not ventilated well, your video card will overheat and freeze your system. Also, I went to the asustek site and I did not see video drivers available for Windows 2003 Server: what are you using?

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            Hello there, herewith some more detail:

            I have a Dell MD1000 connected to the Perc 6/E

            It has 2 x 73gb SAS 15k rpm Seagate Cheetah Drives - No Raid and 3 x 250 GB SATA 7200 rpm Seagate Drives - RAID 5

            Memory is 3 x 1 GB Kingston DDR3 1333 modules

            PSU is an Antec Neopower 650 Blue

            Case is a very large one - Antec TX1050B...Hardly warm inside.

            Sony Stiffy

            HP DVD 1070i

            Video drivers are of course from ATI Version 8.511.0.0 - Microsoft Signed.

            I used the XP drivers that came with the Card on CD dated 2008/06/24. Microsoft Driver Update does not find any better match.


            Do you think it is the video card ? I dont really need the card as the machine is a server and can change it to something else or just use the Windows default drivers if this will make things better..


            Thanks for your reply...

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              In terms of what I have done so far....

              -We have another machine with the same mobo and had some problems which were solved when we upgraded the BIOS.

              -So I tried that but the hang ups are now more frequent...they went from once a week to sometimes once a day...

              -The Windows event logs give no error informaton....and of coure there is no blue screen of death as it just hangs up/freezes

              -The only thing I can really change in the machine is the video card....shall I try this ?

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                Nahh, that was a shot in the dark based of the little info you listed. But now that I know the whole story, I am not so sure. Btw, what kind of software have you installed so far? Also, what is the role of the machine? The thing is, that you have a gamer's board, not really designed to run a server os; so every single driver on your build realistically does not belong there. One thing that you could do to try and isolate the problem, is to disconnect your storage array and raid controller, grab any old sata drive you surely have on a shelf somewhere, bolt it up and do a clean install, then boot it, install all the updates and watch and see what it does. It would be a good first step in the right direction. Be sure to re-seat the ram modules and video card while you are at it.

                That's all I have for now

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                  Some feedback...

                  Given your comment on the potential heating problem..... I removed the cover and left the box open and this has helped in that now it doesn't hang every 2nd day or so, but has been running uninterrupted since the 13th....8 days now..

                  On closer inspection...the box has a fan but it blows in the near top of the box...nowhere near where the PCIe x16 slots are that contain the RAID and Video cards.....dunno how I am gonna solve this problem long term other than changing to another box or replacing the video card with something that doesn't require hectic cooling...thats assuming it is the video card and not the RAID card....


                  Thanks again for your suggestions...