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    Smart Driving for IntelRPC


      See New Project Location (October-18-2014): Smart Driving


      Team Name: Rapid Innovations

      Project Title: Smart Guidance System

      Interdisciplinary Team Members:


      Product Description:

      Smart Parking is an innovative parking system using Intel Galileo, our prototype will focus on University Parking. The system will help commuters find parking and provide real time analytics for decision making and guidance to a vacant spot during peak times.

      Currently university commuters find it difficult to find parking at peak times, resulting in being late for class. While searching for a vacant parking spot commuters burn gasoline, get frustrated and drive recklessly.


      Target Users:

      • Commuters: Visitors/Students/Faculty/Staff
      • Facilities Managers
      • UPD

      Value Proposition:


      Universities can better monitor parking garage usage for better planning and improvements. A guided parking system for an available parking spot—makes finding parking a safer and easier process, more eco-friendly and possibly reduce classroom disruptions due to late comers.




      Design Question:

      How can we design a prototype of a smart parking guidance system using Intel Galileo?