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    I7 950 Fails Linpack 64bit


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      SciHunter Hello,

      I purchased my computer from ibuypower in June and my processor fails linpack.

      What course of action should I take, as I require a perfectly consistent processor?

      It's still obviously under warranty from ibuypower but I wonder if the warranty covers something

      like making minor incalculations.
      As a user of Folding@home, I'd like to take full advantage of this amazing piece of technology. So

      what course of action should I take to obtain a fully functional processor? Contact ibuypower or





      -Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit

      -I7 950 3.07GHz Processor

      -6GB Corsair Dominator RAM 1333MHz

      -Asus P6T Motherboard

      -Maximum Processor Temperature under Linpack test- 62C