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    Preventing Cypress GPIO expander from going to sleep mode.




      It seems like Cypress GPIO expander cy8c9540a supports only gpio_set_value_cansleep() but not gpio_set_value()

      I need the to use gpio_set_value() for external ADC I am interfacing with Galileo to enable buffered capture.


      How to enable cypress gpio expander to provide support for non sleep mode?


      comments form gpio_chip structure says that,

      * @can_sleep: flag must be set iff get()/set() methods sleep, as they

      * must while accessing GPIO expander chips over I2C or SPI

      In probe function of gpio driver, cy8c9540a .c, has the can_sleep flag set.



      -- snip--


      gc->can_sleep = 1;



      Since GPIO expander in galileo is connected through i2c, I am guessing just clearing the flag is not sufficient.

      What  else should I do to get gpio_set_value() to work properly?


      I am using BSP 1.0.0 full build, SD Boot.




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