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    Accessing Peak Discovery data via RESTful API?


      Hey, we managed to push out sensor data to the Intel IoT Analytics Platform, but also need the sensor data for further processing on your own system Is there an easy, automatic way (e.g. RESTful API) to access the transferred data again? Thanks you!

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          Hi Paul2,


          I think you should be able to read data from cloud. I will sure get back on this with more details, but I would suggest you to post these questions in Intel® Developer Zone: Internet of Things

          , it is the most active forum on IoT.



          Raghu Kona

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            Hi Paul2,


            Here you go. You can request the data using POST method


            POST accounts/{accountId}/data/search
              "from": <milliseconds from epoch>,
              "to": <milliseconds from epoch>,
              "targetFilter": {
              "deviceList": [
              "metrics": [
              "id": "<component_id>",
              "op": "none" // currently it's the only value supported



            Request Body

            frombeginning of the time window0
            toend of the time window, optional1407979291860
            targetFilterthe filter object that will be used to select devices"criteria" | "deviceList" (see definition below)
            maxPointsnumber of dataPoints to return. Time period will be devided into this number of windows, and all points in each window will be averaged. DO NOT include maxPoints if you want the actual data values whcih were submitted.100
            metricsarray of metrics (data series) to return"metrics": [ {"id": "e3a48caa-e4c5-46bb-951e-8f9d0a4be516","op": "none"}]
            queryMeasureLocationtrue to include the geo location of each measurement, optional, false by defaulttrue/false
            recipientsarray of mail message recipients, optional

            "recipients": [ "example@gmail.com" ]

            if you use device selection criteria

            "targetFilter": {

            "criteria": {
              "<device_property>": {"operator" : "<in|neq|eq|gt|lt>", "value":"<value_of_property>"}

            eg: "criteria": {
              "tags": {"operator" : "in", "value":["floor1, lab"]}

            Download as csv

            POST accounts/{accountId}/data/search?output=csv


            Send by email

            POST accounts/{accountId}/data/search?output=email


            and add


            "recipients" : [


            Hope this helps.



            Raghu Kona