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    Is there a BIOS for Edison?


      In looking over the Intel Edison links I did not see any mention of a BIOS setup utility...


      I have recently picked up the Intel® Edison kit for Arduino*expansion board and was looking to

      see what I might be able to do with it...


      Is there the ability to access the standard MP Table or the ACPI Tables typically found on an Intel platform ?


      Looking at the U-Boot utility provided there appears to be a "bootvx - Boot vxWorks from an ELF image" option.

      How is this expected to be used ?, If I load a vxWorks (or vxWorks Binary) image over the USB serial to memory,

      can I expect it to boot with "bootvx" ?

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          Hi SMonsees,


          Edison does not have a traditional BIOS. There is firmware called IFWI that loads U-Boot as a user-accessible 2nd stage OS loader. We do not currently support VxWorks on Edison and it’s unclear why the VxWorks-related commands are displayed.




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