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    Problems with "Intel PRO/1000 PT Dual Port Server Adapter" (EXPI9402PTBLK) freezes???


      Hi i'm using this adapter for an industrial application and the two ports is wired directly to two other pc:s. It's working fine however every now and then (maybe once a week) the connection is lost between one port of the EXPI9402PT and one pc. The connection seems to be completely dead as the leds of the adapter stops flashing. A simple reboot of the comuter fixes this issue! It is very imortant that this connection runs at 1gbit all the time so the connection speed of the card is set so. The system is running windows xp and i dont know exactly what version of the driver is yet. (will find out later)


      I haven't had any chance to investigate further as the operators reboots the computers as soon as this problem occurs.. But is this a known issue? Should i replace the card with some other model??



      Edit: It can of course be the integrated network of the other pc's mobo. I have a couple of intel PRO/1000 GT desktop on order to try it out. I will also have to check if it's heat related. Do you have any other suggestions of what i can try? I can try to replicate the problem by doing a stress test and then try to find out which card is locking up...?