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    intel galileo about interfacing camera..


      Sir i hav been doing many projects related to 8051, AVR and Arduino ..but i now hav intel galileo the most powerful microcontroller i ever used....My goal is that i want this galileo interfaced with camera connected to USB host ,take images check for a match available in SD card, if match is as required then store this on to SD card ...at the same time run the arduino code in it to perform necessary actions according to that by controlling some devices connected to its gpio pins....the problem is i don't know anything about Yacto image, booting from SD card , how to store image onto SD card, and writing linux code for that....

      my question is

      where do i get started with image processing using galileo..?

      is the knowledge of Linux OS for this is necessary..?

      is that possible to do within a 1 and half month..?(as for now i am full free)




      Sir i can do image processing with Matlab ,send that information back to galileo via Xigbee...but with such a powerful processor i think it will be a waste if i use My PC or laptop for that matter...

      So please do suggest me regarding this...