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    Dell Inspiron 7737 with Intel i7-4510U CPU not showing correctly in Windows 8.1


      Hello Everyone,


      I recently bought the Dell Inspiron 7737 laptop from Futureshop, in Canada.  The specs are as follows; x64 base PC win8.1-home edition(I know, I know, just haven't the time to update to pro yet), i7-4510U @2.0 GHz, 16GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics, dedicated Nvidia Geforce 750M GPU, 1TB SataHDD.


      Today I discovered on the Intel site that the product information for the i7-4510U CPU is listed as having 2 Cores with 4 Logical Processors.  Once reading this, I checked my system info and it indicates; Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4510U CPU @ 2.00GHz, 1995 Mhz, 1 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s).  I checked my BIOS and it listed it as a single core processor.  However, I did recently updated the BIOS to a newer version.


      So, my first question is, Is this conflicting information, or are there 2 different types of the  i7-4510U CPUs, one with no extra core(s), and those that have extra Core(s).  the Dell and Futureshop websites both listed the laptop with i7-4510U CPU as a single core processor, with 2 logical processors.


      My second question is, if this particular chip i7-4510U does in fact come with 2 cores, and I recently changed my BIOS to the newer version, would this be causing the discrepancy with the listing of the Processor information and if so, would this deprecate my systems overall speed, only utilizing a single core.  I know that with multi core systems, programs have to be written to take advantage of multi core systems, like video games and the like.  My system handles games really well, speaking particularly about Need For Speed Rivals, with full options, but even better with the lower options set. 


      I ran Intel's Processor Identifier Utility, and it did not indicate that the i7-4510U had 2 cores.  So I was wondering if the i7-4510U is supposed to have 2 cores for laptop computing.  I know desktop computing this option can be selectable.


      thanks in advanced,


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          Hello Brian, the Intel® Core i7-4510U is a dual core processor.

          There are two ways to limit the amount of cores being used by the Intel® processor:

          • The BIOS settings were modified to use only one core from the processor. If you have updated the BIOS, try resetting the values back to default, save, and check again.
          • In the Windows* utility msconfig; if you navigate to Boot, Advanced Options, the box Number of processors should be unchecked; otherwise it may limit the amount of cores.


          If you still see the Intel® processor as a single core I suggest contacting the system manufacturer for further assistance. It is possible that there is a special configuration in your system that limits the amount of cores.

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            Thank you for your response.  You are right.  Those settings you mention, I did modify them.  I installed MyDell and it corrected the misinformation.  as it turns out my system is a 2 core system, and now windows 8.1 recognizes it.  weird how that happens.  Now I'm testing the CPU performance with Need for Speed to see if it corrects the latency problems that I was having.  hopefully it will be back to normal.  As far as the BIOS goes, I haven't check in to see if the CPU options are there from the previous BIOS version, before I updated it.  I'll use your suggestion and see if it works.