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    FDI in processors - ex. i5-4460 (has FDI) vs i7-4790 (which may not have FDI)


      So, looking at building a new home workstation based on the Shuttle XPC SZ87R6 (Intel Z87 based chipset). The motherboard in this barebone supports FDI.


      During my research on trying to find the right build, the Intel ARK suggests that i7-4790 does NOT have FDI support, whereas i5-4460 does support FDI.

      My understanding of FDI, is that it is required for CPUs with integrated graphics. Since both of the above mentioned has CPUs have integrated graphics (HD 4600), how come Intel ARK suggest that only one of them actually have FDI?

      Or is FDI no longer required with the chipset Z87?


      Also, from my research, I have found indications that if your PC does NOT have full FDI support (both CPU, chipset and motherboard), utilizing both the integrated GPU and a discrete GPU at the same time will be not be possible. Aside from having fewer potential display outputs, stuff like Virtu and QuickSync won't be available. Is that true?


      Thanks in advance  :-)